Training Programs

Boot Camp Program

Boot Camp is our most popular program.  Your dog comes and lives in our home, and we put our time, effort and energy into your dog's training.  We do the hard work with the repetitions, making sure your dog learns and understands the commands given.

We also allow your dog to socialize with our personal dogs, so that they can unwind and have fun.

After their time with us, we train the family.  This is where we teach you what your dog knows, when you should be applying the commands and you get hands on experience with the trainer.

What do we work on in Boot Camp?

  • Walking on a leash without pulling, barking, lunging, sniffing, or reacting to dogs and/or distractions
  • Place Command (Get on and stay on an object until released)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come (recall training (with and without distractions)
  • Fixing bad behaviors – jumping up on people, counter surfing, mouthiness, nipping and play biting
  • Separation Anxiety  (Work with your dog on the anxiety and fear that is driving most unwanted behaviors)
  • Heeling on leash by your side and eliminating leash reactivity
  • Building confidence with your dog so you get a happier more confident dog.
  • Leadership skills with your dog so they understand life at home and in public, eliminating a lot of pushy behaviors. This is also great for nervous and fearful dogs.

Private In-Home Lessons

Our private one on one in-home training puts you in the drivers seat.  We come to your home, we work with your dog (so you can see what to do) and then we have you work the dog (getting you hands on experience).

After each lesson (1-2 hours each), we give you homework in which to practice the skills you and your dog just learned. We stay in touch between lessons to answer any questions you have and to see the progress.

We do a series of lessons to meet your specific goals and needs.  In this program you are responsible for your dog's outcome, the more that you ask of your dog, the better and faster you will see results.

We work on many behaviors including:

  • Place (get on and stay on an object until released)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Off (jumping, mouthing, counter surfing)
  • Heel
  • Boundary Training (house and yard boundaries)

Lifetime Support

We offer unparalleled support for our clients.  It is our name on your dog, and we pride ourselves on our success.  This being said, things do come up, issues arise, you have questions or concerns.

Our Lifetime Support means that YOU have a trainer in your pocket when you need them.

Simply call us, email us, Facebook or Messenger.  We will be there to help you through whatever you are going through, for the life of your dog!

No need to sign up for more training, no more having to go to a group class and hope the trainer has time for you.  We are there for you when you need us!  See what our clients are saying about us.