FREE In-Home Consultation and evaluation of your dog’s behaviors, proven results by dedicated trainers here to support YOU!

Called 4 dog training companies and gotten no response?   We hear that alot!  Not only will we respond, but we do it FAST, why you may ask.... because your time is valuable to us!
We are here to listen, guide and direct you on how to get the best possible results, so you can live a better life WITH your dog.
You are not alone, many people just like you have reached out and we have helped them have better quality lives with their dogs. 
We offer In-Home lessons on your time/schedule, doggy boot camp programs where we train your dog, new puppy lessons and behavioral modification programs.

– Jennifer, Brad, and Loki

"When you meet Jayson you can see his true passion for dogs and his abilities as a trainer. This was very important to us as our dogs are members of our family, not just “pets” and we wanted a trainer who felt the same way about dogs as we do. Jayson is able to work with you and your dog to get the results you want in a manner that is fun, rewarding, and always positive."


– Casey, Derek, and Dale

"When Jayson started working with Dale, we immediately saw changes in his behavior. Dale is now able to play with other dogs. He is calm around people, is less anxious, and has become a playful and loving dog."

– Brian and Lucy

It’s been a couple months since Lucy completed her 2 week training camp with Jayson. We evaluated 2 other trainers and immediately felt comfortable with Focused Dog Training. Lucy was an out of control puppy with aggression and biting to top off her problems. We were really wondering if there was any hope and didn’t know if we could even keep her.

When Lucy got home, we saw immediate improvement. Most importantly, we could use the “place” command to prevent her from even trying to start her bad behaviors. She was no longer pillaging rooms, chewing up rugs and forcing us to chase her round and round the house. Most importantly, we can let her out in our fenced in yard and trust she’ll come back when called. Heck, the kids could even get ready for school without their pant legs being destroyed!!

Lucy wasn’t our first dog, but this was the first time we’ve used a trainer. We thought she’d outgrow her bad behaviors, but they were only getting worse. We are thankful that we hired Jayson and Focused Dog Training when we did. Lucy is now going on 10 months and is (almost) the puppy that we’ve always dreamed of. Thank you Jayson! I highly recommend Focused Dog Training!

– Rebecca and Cooper

"Cooper attended a 10 day bootcamp, and we were amazed at the results. Our stress surrounding Cooper was gone. He was like a different dog, and our main problems basically didn’t exist anymore."

– Samantha and Clarence

"My two-year-old, 141 pound, Great Dane was making my life stressful and chaotic with his reactivity to other dogs, food, bones, and strangers. I now have more control in the house, yard, car, and walks. My stress level and anxiety has greatly decreased and I feel that my dog is more relaxed and well-behaved than before. I wish I signed up sooner!!!!!!" J

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