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FREE In-Home Consultation and evaluation of your dog’s behaviors, proven results by dedicated dog trainers here to support YOU!

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You want a well-trained dog that you can take anywhere knowing they will consistently behave and be welcomed for their manners. You desire a trainer that works on your schedule and comes to your house when you need a refresher.  You also want a trainer who is there for questions and any issues that may arise in the future. 

You are in luck; Focused Dog Training is just that. We train in your home, on your schedule and give you our lifetime support guarantee.  Becoming a client means you’re part of our family and we will treat you as such. You’re not just another client, or another dog; you are a lifelong friend and we will be there for you every step of the way.

Free In-Home Consultation

    Veterinarian Recommended

    Focused Dog Training is recommended by many of Dane County’s most respected veterinarians

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    We come to your home, we work with your dog (so you can see what to do) and then we have you work the dog (getting you hands on experience).

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    Boot Camp is our most popular program.  Your dog comes and lives in our home, and we put our time, effort and energy into your dog’s training. 

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    Strategies to help fix your puppy from jumping up on people, counter surfing, mouthiness, nipping and play biting. We offer in home or boot camp.

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    Learn behavioral skills with your dog so they understand life at home and in public, eliminating a lot of pushy and unwanted behaviors.


    What people are saying about Focused Dog Training:

    “When you meet Jayson you can see his true passion for dogs and his abilities as a trainer. This was very important to us as our dogs are members of our family, not just “pets” and we wanted a trainer who felt the same way about dogs as we do. Jayson is able to work with you and your dog to get the results you want in a manner that is fun, rewarding, and always positive.”

    Jennifer, Brad, and Loki

    “When Jayson started working with Dale, we immediately saw changes in his behavior. Dale is now able to play with other dogs. He is calm around people, is less anxious, and has become a playful and loving dog.”

    Casey, Derek, and Dale

    “Cooper attended a 10 day bootcamp, and we were amazed at the results. Our stress surrounding Cooper was gone. He was like a different dog, and our main problems basically didn’t exist anymore.”

    Rebecca and Cooper

    “My two-year-old, 141 pound, Great Dane was making my life stressful and chaotic with his reactivity to other dogs, food, bones, and strangers. I now have more control in the house, yard, car, and walks. My stress level and anxiety has greatly decreased and I feel that my dog is more relaxed and well-behaved than before. I wish I signed up sooner!!!!!!”

    Samantha and Clarence