Training Programs

Dog Training Madison WI

Puppy Training and Puppy Management

This program is a designed for puppies between 8 weeks and 6 months old. We work on crate training, potty training, biting and chewing issues, and start general obedience commands. We also work on teaching your puppy to look to you for toys, guidance and support.  You should be the most valuable resource to your puppy.

Dog Training Madison WI

Private in Home Lessons

We do a series of private in home lessons to address your needs and goals. This program is designed for the dog owner that wants to learn to teach and train their dog.  Our lessons are in the comfort of your own home and around your distractions. We work with your dog so you can see what we are doing.
Then, we have you work the dog, so we make sure your being consistent. 

Dog Training Madison WI

Doggie Boot Camp

Your dog lives with a trainer for a set time period. This is our Elite program, as we only take 2 dogs in at a time.

This is for the busy professionals who may not have the time to “train”, but can maintain the training once implemented.  This program is also for dogs who need behavior modification (dog or people aggression).  We teach your dog and rebuild new good habits. We then bring your dog home and teach the family how to continue your dog’s journey.

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