Dog Training Programs

Brilliant With the Basics Program

This program is perfect for the family that just wants to get a few things under control around the house. 

Imagine being able to keep your dog from jumping on you when you come home, no longer nipping at the kids or at your hands when you try to pet them, coming right when you ask them to, sitting politely when asked and even leaving things alone (or dropping your shoes and dish towels!) when you say. 

Manners around the house are what this program is all about!

This program is accomplished in 3 private lessons in your home and includes:

    • Commands/Behaviors: Sit, Quiet, Come, Off
    • Daily access to your trainer during the program
    • Lifetime Support Guarantee

Dog Training Madison WIJumpstart Program

In this program we’ll do the hard part for you and then teach you how to continue the journey.  This program is typically accomplished in about 3 weeks including a 5-day stay for your dog.

Your dog can be well-mannered!  This program gives you a head start with training. Your dog will come stay with us (in a home environment, which makes the training more fun for your dog and easier to transfer back to your home).

Having that jump start really saves you a ton of time and effort, so this is perfect for families who want to make the most of the training but are busy.  Or families who want to be involved in training, but would also appreciate a head start.

You’ll also be able to get your dog’s attention around the house easily and stop doing things like jumping, digging and barking, and they’ll walk peacefully without dragging you down the street.

And as always, you never have to worry about your dog’s training slipping over time you have our lifetime support guarantee.

This program includes:

    • 5 Day Jumpstart Stay – Monday through Friday
    • 3 Private Lessons in your home
    • Commands/Behaviors: Sit, Quiet, Come, Off, Place, Down, Loose leash walking
    • Daily access to your trainer
  • Lifetime Support Guarantee

Exceptional Program

Imagine knowing that absolutely everything you need for your dog’s training is covered – from now on. 

Your dog will listen, you will be the envy of all your friends – telling you how amazing your dog is instead of you telling them about all the awful things they did.

No need to worry about training slipping over time, or something coming up later on that you’d like help with.  We’re here for you with our lifetime guarantee.

Not only will we make sure your dog has excellent house manners and listens to you even around big distractions, we’ll also make sure your dog listens when they don’t have a leash on…

Which is awesome because most family dogs spend 99% of the time off-leash at home.  You’ll be able to get them to listen without having to physically be near them.

This program will give you and your dog the freedom to enjoy life together anywhere and everywhere you want to go!  In this program we’ll spend more time with your dog in public to make sure they listen in every situation. 

This program includes:

    • 2 Week Stay for your dog (with frequent photo and video updates during your dog’s stay)
    • Unlimited Private Lessons in your home
    • Commands/Behaviors: Sit, Quiet, Come, House, Off, Place, Down, Heel
    • Daily access to your trainer
    • Lifetime Support Guarantee

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