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Dog Training Madison WI
Dog Training Madison WI

Do you ever just wish your dog would settle down and finally just listen to you?  Especially when it really matters like when you have friends over or you’re late for work or the kids are going crazy.

‘Just come, sit down and relax please!’  ‘Don’t jump on that!’  ‘Get over here!’  ‘Quiet!’  ‘What did you do?!’   

You know your dog thinks his name is “stop it!”, right?


You’re worrying about what’s going to happen if you don’t get your dog to listen better… what’s going to happen?

Imagine if instead of having to complain about all the things your dog did this week, everyone was bragging about how awesomely behaved your dog is.   

They stay right next to you when you go for a walk instead of dragging you down the street.  You don’t have to fight with the family over who has to walk the dog anymore because it’s FUN.  

You’re not embarrassed over your dog’s behavior anymore.  

Your dog is happy to go to his bed and stay there when you need him to be out from under your feet.

They come in from the yard every time you call them.

We’ve helped hundreds of families who felt the way you feel now, and now it’s your turn to get what you really want.  

Check out our dog training programs here, and get in touch to tell us all about your dog.

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– Jennifer, Brad, and Loki

We first met Jayson when we brought our 16 week old Doberman puppy Loki, in to start puppy training. We were having issues with mouthing, jumping up, playing too rough with our older dog, pulling on the leash, and puppy ADHD in general!

Loki stayed with Jayson for one week before starting regular training sessions, and when we picked him up we could already tell that there was a dramatic improvement in his behavior. Loki was no longer mouthing or jumping up, was walking well on the leash, behaved much better with our older dog, and was much calmer overall.

Jayson has been excellent at explaining how to work with Loki to correct his bad behaviors and shows us exactly what to do step-by-step. Anytime we have questions between training sessions Jayson has just been a phone call or text away and he has been more than willing to give us extra help when we’ve needed it.

When you meet Jayson you can see his true passion for dogs and his abilities as a trainer. This was very important to us as our dogs are members of our family, not just “pets” and we wanted a trainer who felt the same way about dogs as we do. Jayson is able to work with you and your dog to get the results you want in a manner that is fun, rewarding, and always positive.

In our house we refer to Jayson as “Uncle Jayson.”  We could not be happier with the training he has provided Loki and more importantly, the training he has provided us! We recommend Jayson to anyone who is interested in working with a professional trainer.

– Casey, Derek, and Dale

We first adopted our dog, he was reactive and anxious. He could not be around other dogs and was nervous around people. We tried several different trainers to address our dog’s behavior with no success, until we worked with Jayson.

When Jayson started working with Dale, we immediately saw changes in his behavior. Dale is now able to play with other dogs. He is calm around people, is less anxious, and has become a playful and loving dog. Jayson helped increase Dale’s confidence, as well as made us knowledgeable and comfortable with Dale in all situations. Even after the initial training sessions with Dale were completed, Jayson has continued to be a support for us. We can count on Jayson whenever we need his advice or help with Dale. 

Jayson cares greatly about the dogs he works with and truly understands their needs. He is dedicated to the dogs and their owners. Jayson is always willing and able to answer questions about training and gives advice to help the well being of the dogs he is working with.

– Tammy, Terry, and Lightening

Our family has a German Shepherd/American Bulldog mix that was 1 1/2 years old when we first visited Jayson for help. Lightening was very headstrong and aggressive.  He was very menacing towards anyone who would walk by our house, he would try and attack the window and bark nonstop. He would counter surf or take food out of our daughter’s hands or plate if she walked by him. Lightening would jump up on people, and take items that he wasn’t suppose to and shred or destroy the item.  

When we took Lightening for the first time to see Jayson he was very standoffish. He would pull at the leash aggressively (we could not walk him at all). When he would see other dogs he would get really aggressive and try to attack. We did the 2 week full immersion program with Jayson. Lightening responded very well. Jayson would keep us updated daily on his progress and would send us pictures and videos throughout his training. When he showed us pictures of Lightening sitting next to other dogs it was amazing as we never thought that day would come.  Today, Lightening responds very well to the commands. We are able to take him for long walks on and off leash. Take him camping without worry, and responds even to our daughter with the proper commands.

Thank you Jayson for all your help as our family is a lot more happier today and he so much more well behaved and knows his boundaries and doesn’t have as much anxiety around strangers and other dogs.  Our household is much more calm and peaceful today.