Place Command

Place Command

The place command is the most effective command in modern dog training today. This one simple concept teaches the dog impulse control, confidence and ends some of the most unwanted behaviors. What would your house be like if your dog went to a spot for every meal or when guests come over? Not having to stop the dog at the door or jump on guests. Sounds to good to be true? Well it isn’t and it is the main focus of what we do. It is a profound skill that we use everyday.

What is a place? It is get on an object and stay on the object. We start with an elevated surface so the dog understands boundaries and borders and as they progress in their understanding. A place can be as simple as a bath mat, rug, towel.

Once your is getting the hang of what is expected, try to change the object that they are on. You can use storage bins, laundry baskets, any object they can comfortably fit on. The harder the object the less time they will stay there. We teach the dogs that when we say place, they say “what would you like me to get on”.

As the dog starts to learn this new skill, we then apply as many distractions as possible to test the dogs understanding, rewarding and correcting all along the way. The dog will start understand that they are required to be on the object until released. As the dog’s skill and understanding grow, you will be able to place your dog while you eat, clean, go to the bathroom alone, answer the door, have guests come in, and many more situations. Call us today to take a deeper dive into the place command and how your dog can learn it!

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